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The winter season creates many challenges for cars. Slick roads. Freezing temperatures. Poor visibility. Not only can winter weather create problems while driving, but the winter season can have a major impact on your transmission. Thankfully, you can ensure your vehicle’s transmission remains protected and runs smooths when you follow these tips.

1. Change your transmission fluid frequently

Two major problems can occur with transmission fluid in winter. Older fluid that hasn’t been changed could thicken, which may worsen in extreme temperatures. Your transmission fluid could also leak or burn out, resulting in possible permanent damage to the transmission. Check and change your fluid on a regular basis to prevent both issues.

2. Avoid abrupt movements

Winter roads could include ice, slush, or areas where you suddenly need to stop. Try to keep full awareness while traveling on these roads. The sudden speeding up and stopping in a vehicle can cause wear on your transmission.

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