4 Winter-Care Tips To Protect Transmissions 

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The winter season creates many challenges for cars. Slick roads. Freezing temperatures. Poor visibility. Not only can winter weather create problems while driving, but the winter season can have a major impact on your transmission. Thankfully, you can ensure your vehicle’s transmission remains protected and runs smooths when you follow these tips.

1. Change your transmission fluid frequently

Two major problems can occur with transmission fluid in winter. Older fluid that hasn’t been changed could thicken, which may worsen in extreme temperatures. Your transmission fluid could also leak or burn out, resulting in possible permanent damage to the transmission. Check and change your fluid on a regular basis to prevent both issues.

2. Avoid abrupt movements

Winter roads could include ice, slush, or areas where you suddenly need to stop. Try to keep full awareness while traveling on these roads. The sudden speeding up and stopping in a vehicle can cause wear on your transmission.

Stay far enough back from other vehicles so you can break slowly and react with plenty of time. Vehicles may swerve or stop suddenly in winter conditions. Safe driving will protect your car’s transmission for much longer.

3. Allow your vehicle to warm up in the morning

You will find multiple benefits to starting your car and warming it up on cold winter days. Not only will you drive more comfortably in the heated interior, but you will allow the transmission fluid to circulate. The time used to warm up the car ensures the fluid to lubricate all the elements of the transmission. 

Give at least 3 minutes of warm-up time before you head out on the road in the winter.

4. Pre-schedule routine check ups

Just like oil changes and other vehicle care, you should make scheduling regular transmission maintenance a priority. On your end, you can check your fluid monthly and bring the car in for a full checkup every three months or so. You will stay on top of your car’s care and prevent the need for major repairs in the future. At each checkup, you have the opportunity to book the next appointment so you don’t forget and fall behind.

Rocking the car back and forth while stuck in the snow. Don’t spin your tires around corners — it’s hard on the differential and transmission. 

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