Transmission Tips

Action Transmission Helps Protect Your Transmission

Take some transmission tips from the technicians at Action Transmission in Simcoe, Woodstock or Brantford to keep from visiting us more often than you need to. To save yourself money and inconvenience by helping to save your transmission, we give you our list of suggestions here. 

Good Habits to Help Protect Your Manual Transmission

  • Gradual acceleration from full stops
  • Regular checks of your manual transmission fluid level
  • The right fluid at the right level for your particular vehicle
  • Resting your foot away from the clutch pedal & never riding it
  • Fully pressing clutch pedal to the floor & releasing smoothly
  • Firmly moving into gear without revving between gears

Good Habits to Help Protect Your Automatic Transmission

  • Regularly checking your transmission fluid
  • Transmission fluid changes every 40,000 km or every 2 years
  • Warming your car in cold weather before driving
  • Pushing or digging your car out of snow, not rocking
  • Completely stopping before reversing gears
  • Minimizing idling in gear when stuck in traffic
  • Gradual acceleration from full stops
  • Installing a transmission cooler for pulling a trailer

Come See Us in Simcoe, Woodstock or Brantford

Another way to help extend the life of your manual or automatic transmission outside of our transmission tips is to bring your vehicle to Action Transmission. Catch transmission problems before they start or become worse by seeing us for:

  • Annual checks for clutch function & adjustments
  • Regular fluid & filter changes
  • Your dash warning lights come on
  • Unexplained changes in transmission performance
  • Noticeable engine noise or revs
  • Vehicle speed affecting engine sounds
  • Hard, slow or jerky gear shifting
  • Noticeable low fluid levels or leaks
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