Transmission Service Woodstock

Transmission Service Woodstock

Of all your vehicle’s intricate inner workings, the transmission is the most complex. Things can get quickly get complicated considering the fact that technology is evolving so rapidly. When things go wrong, it’s critical you count on an experienced automatic transmission service Woodstock and repair technician who is up-to-date on the latest advancements at work under your hood.

In order to get an accurate diagnosis of the scope of the problem, our team uses top-notch testing tools that analyze the state of your automatic transmission’s hydraulics and computer-controlled elements. This eliminates the guesswork so we can get straight to work on the root of the problem, saving time and money.

Common Signs Your Automatic Transmission is in Need of Repair

The best time to act when it comes to automatic transmission issues is now. Waiting too long can lead to even more expenses down the road. At the first sign something is wrong, it’s best to get ahead of the situation with quick repairs to keep you mobile. Some of the most common signs your automatic transmission is in need of service include:

  • Transmission is slipping
  • Shifting is rough
  • Leaks
  • Low transmission fluid even when you’ve added recently
  • Hot or burning smell
  • Issues with overheating
  • Check engine light is on

Help! I’m Experiencing One (or more) Of These Signs!

Our skilled team is here to provide a free road test and inspection to determine if your transmission is in need of repair. It’s our goal to help you fix the issue before it becomes a serious problem, and that’s why we detail all repair options with your budget in mind. In many cases, only minor services are required, especially when caught early, so come by today for a free estimate.

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