Transmission Maintenance Woodstock

Avoid unexpected surprises on the road with preventive transmission maintenance


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best time to take care of a potential transmission issue is before it becomes an immediate problem in the middle of the highway. Just as you make sure to visit your dentist twice per year even if you don’t have a cavity, transmission maintenance is important and it should be checked every 30,000 to 50,000 miles depending on vehicle age.

When you work with our staff, you can rest assured you’ll receive a complete, multi-check inspection that considers overall performance and operation. If a potential issue is detected, we’ll provide a free estimate for any additional work required beyond our free inspection. Our skilled team will get to the root of the problem in a complete diagnostic effort including removing and disassembling the transmission if necessary.


Covering All Our Bases with Multi-Check Inspection & Road Testing


  • Visual examination
  • Fluid check when applicable
  • Test drive
  • Computer diagnostic scan

A Closer Look at Our Multi-Check Inspection Protocol


Checking the Transmission Fluid

A doctor wouldn’t resort to surgery before first checking for obvious symptoms. Similarly, our first step is a fluid check that can indicate possible wear and damage. Clear red fluid is what we want to see. When the color is off and it smells unpleasant, we’re tipped off that there could be a bigger issue, and a more intensive inspection of your transmission may become necessary.

Test Drive

Our technicians need to experience your transmission in action. This allows us to alert on things like:

  • Unusual noises
  • Slipping
  • Rough shifting
  • Premature or delayed shifting

What Happens If a Problem is Found?

It’s always our hope that transmission inspections go well, and no problems are found. However, the purpose of preventive transmission maintenance and service is to address minor issues before they become expensive problems. If we detect that something might be wrong with your vehicle, we’ll consult with you and provide an estimate for recommended services. These may include:

  • Lift inspection – This is a common first step to determine if there’s an easy, inexpensive solution to the issue.
  • Pan inspection – The presence of excessive metal particles is a sign of bigger issues that warrant a deeper inspection.
  • Transmission inspection service -This is only performed if all else fails so our team can dismantle your transmission, find the root cause of the issue, and prevent future problems.

Don’t Wait for an Expensive, Dangerous Situation

Whether it’s been awhile since you’ve had your transmission checked or you’re noticing issues like slipping and strange noises, now’s the time for transmission maintenance and service in Woodstock Ontario. Breaking down on the side of the road is dangerous, and transmission issues, when left unchecked, can cost thousands of dollars. Come by today for a free inspection.

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